RoboWar 5 for MacOS X and Linux

Linux doens't run RoboWar 5 totally flawless (but pretty good indeed), but Mac OS X seems to do.

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Mac OS X




Running RoboWar 5 On MAC OS X



If you have an Intel Mac, it can be done in about 5 steps:



1. Install X11 (Some people will have it already; Leopard users have it

installed by default; else if not installed, it's on your OS X Install 2 disc)


2. Download and install Darwine. I downloaded the source and compiled it myself,

but it looks like there are some binaries available.


3. Download and install mono for Mac OS X.


4. Download RoboWar (of course). When installing, the Z: drive is your main hard

drive (Z:/Applications/ is the likely place you'd put this).


5. Download MSVBVM60.DLL and place it directly in the RoboWar 5 folder.



Running can be a little choppy, but it's playable, and everything seems to work

okay, even the sound. The interface may not give it a traditional Mac feel, especially

the drafting board, but it works. (One could create the robot in RW and then edit the code in

his/her favorite text editor.)



Running RoboWar on Linux


(By Ian Langworth)


Here's how to get RoboWar to (mostly) work on Linux without using an

emulator to run MacOS or Windows:


1. Make sure you have Wine installed. Check your Linux's package

manager (Synaptic, Yast, etc.). Wine is a free implementation of the

essentials to run Windows applications on Unix so as long as you're

using x86 (AMD/Pentium) hardware. More information about the Wine

project can be found at


2. Install WineTools, which assists in setting up Wine. (Note: I was

not able to run RoboWar without using WineTools first.) Your package

manager may or may not have this available, so you may have to

download the RPM from the WineTools site,


   2.a. RPM-based distributions (SUSE, RedHat, etc.) can simply

download the .rpm file and install it with their package manager.


   2.b. Debian-based distributions (Debian, Ubuntu, etc.) will need to

convert the .rpm to a .deb. To do this, first make sure you have

"alien" and "fakeroot" installed. Run "fakeroot alien winetools.rpm"

to convert the archive, then run "sudo dpkg -i winetools.deb" to

install it.


After you've installed WineTools, run the command "wt2", which should

start the WineTools interface. After a disclaimer you'll be prompted

with the WineTools menu. Run both the "Base setup" and "Install

windows system software" steps. I also suggest installing the

Microsoft TrueType core fonts, but you don't really have to.


3. After Wine is set up you should have a ".wine" directory in your

home directory, which contains the fake Windows drive. If you used all

the defaults, this directory should be "/home/you/.wine/drive_c". For

RoboWar to run you'll need a Microsoft Visual Basic library,

MSVBVM60.DLL. Download this file from and drop it

into ".wine/drive_c/windows/system" (yes, all lower-case).


4. Download RoboWar5.exe for Windows from Run the .exe

by running "wine RoboWar5.exe" from the command line. The normal

Windows installation process will follow. Save it in "C:\Program

Files", as usual.


5. From now on you may run RoboWar by running "wine

~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/RoboWar\ 5/RoboWar\ 5.exe" on the

command line. Alternatively, if you're running Gnome or KDE, you could

set all .exe files to be opened with Wine and then make a shortcut to

the .exe file.



Ian Langworth








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