KOTH (King of the Hill) is a series of ongoing tournaments. 18 bots stand on 'the hill' at all times. when new or updated bots get sent to me, I run a full tournament (75x50) to determine the new ranking of the hill (top 18 bots remain for next time).

The real use of KOTH comes from that it is strictly confidential. I take whatever bots you send me, stick them in a folder, and run an undisplayed battle. This lets you see how your project bots due against others' without showing your hand before the next tournament. Thus, while being the first to enter KOTH doesn't really help you (because you could just run the tournament by yourself), once a few new entries make the hill it gets interesting.

Entrees should be sent to the1true2all@hotmail.com
Please include the category each entree is intended for. Also, please let me know when you are updating a bot as apposed to entering a new functionally distinct one.

Some terminology for those who are new:
MKOTH = Mortal King of The Hill. This is robots with 9 Hardware Points.
TKOTH = Titan King of The Hill. Robots with 22 Hardware Points.

Current KOTH Standings



Also, taking "donations" to start a 3KOTH. This will be for 3 bot teams. Currently, there are only 2 tournament teams public, so we'll need a few more before this can be run. Thus, if you send any teams and I don't show the scores for a tournament, it is because I need more teams so you should submit another. ;)

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