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As I whom writing this (Kevin Hertzberg) did cancel my development of the game, RoboWar again lacks a coder/manager.

What is the solution to our problems?

IMO I'm still the best for the job. And I could be even better. I absolutely loved coding RoboWar. But since my professional carrear does not involve computers at all, time spent in front of the computer equals time spent in front of the television. Hence, a lot of time was spent were I did no personal development at all. Which simply did not work, as I'm not getting any younger and more social pressure and responsibility was layed on my shoulders.

However, my though was, since many of you former Mac-teenagers has grewn up and gotten (well payed) jobs, RoboWar and I could easily survive on donations. That way, I could justify the coding for myself, since it will actually will count as work. I'm still a student (will graduate within 1,5-2 years) so the extra income would be most welcome.I think David Harris enjoyed the extra income he got from from RoboWar (the game was shareware back then) in the same way.

I might have been a bit arrogant against some of you devoted souls in the past. Working with donations I promise that won't be no more. The roles will actually be sort of reversed then, since the donator is kinda my boss and not the other way around (like in the past I was in charge and could do pretty much what I wanted, since it was freeware).I think around 30-40$ should be reasonable.I know there's a lot of devoted souls out there, with well payed but time demanding jobs (at least I know Eric's out there ;) ), who would like to have the game keeping on running. But can't spare the time to code. In case the donation system doesn't work we might have to go shareware.

Some promises (this is what you'll get in case you decide to donate $40 to me):

  • Tournaments will be run.

  • Game will be refreshed in some way. In the next tournament, some refreshment cathegory will be tested, featuring rule changes.

  • We will keep standard Mortal too, and, after watching which cathegory that goes most popular, the refreshing changes can be kept or perhaps discarded.

  • I will try to raise my competence in marketing and hence more new players.

Special Programming Missions - Prices:

Linux version                  $100

Mac OS X version           $1700
($700 (payment to me for the extensive amout of work) + $1000 for a new Mac)



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