This section describes some new features that are available in RoboWar 5. Some of these features are not available in the Mac version.


You can always switch stations with the F1, F2, F3, F4 and F5 keys, even when you're in stations that lack menus (Hardware Store, Icon Factory, Recording Studio).


The robot called Standard.RWR located in the miscdata folder is the template for every new robot created. If you want a different default hardware configuration for example, or if you want your favorite aim loop included with every new robot you create, then just change Standard.RWR as you wish.

If you accidentally mess up your Standard.RWR robot, there a backup one in the miscdata directory called Standard.BAK.

Win version Autocompiles

You don't have to press compile to reflect the changes in the robot's actual behavior every time you edit a robot's program! Robots are automatically compiled when you exit the drafting board.

Speed in Non-Displayed battle
Demo Robot (zipped)

It's easy to get the impression that the chronons/second counter doesn't work in non-displayed battle, but it does. However, the battle speed is measured every second, and the battle speed is usually faster than 1500 chronons per second. To measure, first make sure that the 1500 chronon limit is unchecked. Also make sure that the battle will go on forever (like single robot battles).

Now you're ready studying high speeds.

Currect world record is => 11989740 chronons per second

This was set with a robot constructed only for the purpose of running the battle as fast as possible. The computer was an overclocked Athlon XP 3800+. Speed records set with robots with illegal hardware values doesn't count. If you have beaten the world record (Mac versions counts too), email and I'll update this site. Also, please no faking!


A macro is a code scrap that you'll use frequently. You can have 6 custom macros which will be accessible though the Macro. To make a custom macro, create a text document containing the macro and give the text document an appropriate name. Then place the document in the folder called "Macros" in the game's folder. You can now insert the code scrap just by clicking this menu or using the F keys.

Deleting the Source code
Demo Robot

In the past, many people guarded their secret RoboTalk techniques by deleting their source code before distributing their robots. This can be done in Windows too.

Here's how to do it:

  1. Select all source code and erase it.
  2. Immediately after (without exiting the Drafting Board or press compile), select Robot Settings->Recompile Lock from the Preference menu.
  3. Done! No one but you can have a look at the source code of your robot now.

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