• RoboWar (Yahoo) News Group
    This is the currently active news site for RoboWar - go here for questions and discussion on RoboWar.
  • Mac RoboWar HQ
    Official site for old Mac RoboWar maintained by Lucas Dixon, Ryan Govostes (and me).
  • Theory of Robot Design
    The popular, influential and famous Theory of Robot Design by Eric Foley has been reuploaded to SourceForge! There's some updates to it too. Win versions of most of the sample robots are also available. Still, there's a lot of things missing in it =(. Contribution is welcome!
  • Paul Hansen's RoboWar Central
    Features an excellent and thorough tutorial by RoboMaster Paul Hansen. Also provided is an archive of Code Scraps, such as full search loops, that you can use for your robots.
  • Theo's Robowar Page
    Download of the original version of RoboWar (Mac only) and the archives of the Official RoboWar Tournament. This site also hosts the most recent tournaments and Prf+noff's version of RoboWar (a modified version of 4.5.2).
  • Optimizing Robots in RoboWar
    Read how to optimize your robot by RoboMaster Tom Cornell. Very useful in you would like to take that step from RoboWarrior to RoboMaster. Also contains links to other similar sites.
  • Fishman's RoboWar site
    Is an old, but nice site for RoboWar by the Abbott tribe.
  • RoboWar sourcefore page
  • Some old bits and pieces of Lucas' to do with RoboWar
    This includes some robots, and some RoboWar tools.
  • A RoboWar archive site
    By Austin Barton, most of the download links are broken, but he has a nice tutorial.
    Seems to be a little under construction still. Has some useful code bits, however.

Other RoboWar Windows ports

  • Disch C++ RoboWar port
    Can mostly run old bots, and doesn't support interrupts or doppler.
  • Mark Wagner's RoboWar II
    Nice stable port, but does not have full backwards compatibility. In other words, you probably have to change the code of your old bots a lot to make them run at RoboWar II.
  • Lucas Dixon's JRoboWar
    Currently at Alfa-stage. I doubt it'll ever leave alfa stage either. However, it's Java, so it's totally cross platform. And you can run most simple bots.


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